NLT API Usage Documentation

The NLT API is based on HTTP GET requests with all parameters in the URL (unless noted as POST request). The output format is HTML (unless noted as, e.g., JSON).

Your API key is included in each request with the key query parameter. If key=TEST or omitted, then your IP address will be used as a key, and you will be limited to 50 verses per request and 500 requests per day.

Return the Scripture text for the given passages, ordered by reference, as an HTML excerpt that can readily be included in a web page.

  • Example:
  • Query Parameters:
    ref The reference(s) for the passages to be returned. More than one reference can be given, separated by semi-colons or commas.
    version The Bible version to show. (Default version=NLT.) Available values:
    NLTNLT (American English)
    NLTUKNLT (UK English)
    NTVNueva Traducción Viviente
    KJVKing James Version
    key Your API license key.

Return search results (passages and short context paragraphs) for the given search query terms.

Return a parsed list of references for the given reference string. NOTE: the Content-Type for this query is always JSON.

Return a list of reading plans supported by the API.

Return the text for a given date in the given reading plan. (Default date=today.)

  • Example:
  • Query Parameters:
    planThe name of the reading plan from which to retrieve the reading. The plan name should exactly match one of the reading plan names listed in
    dateThe date of the reading. (Default date=today.)
    versionThe Bible version in which to provide the reading.
    keyYour API license key.